TOPP 4000

Topp 4000 is a 3mm epoxy screed type industrial coating, made of low molecular clear epoxy binder and colored silica aggregate. The product is available in wide range of colors.


- Fine texture, suitable for dry and wet area use

- Mechanically and chemically durable

- Seamless surface – improves hygiene

- No risk of food taint during application

Typical areas of application include light industrial plants, vegetable or fruit processing industry, beverage industry, pharmaceutical manufacturing areas, food preparation areas and shower rooms, bathrooms etc. 

Top products


Flexible stone surface for outdoor areas

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Diamond cutting blades for granite stone

Diamond cutting blades for granite stone

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LITHURIN hard - hardening layer for concrete surfaces

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MAXI 5000 anti slip flooring

MAXI 5000 is a 4mm epoxy type industrial floor coating

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