The antistatic floorings  have been designed for use in areas where a static conductive or a static disslpative floor is required as a measure to control static electrlcity moreover they provide a dense, impervious coloured and chemical resistant floor surface which is hygienic and easy to clean. Typical areas of use include electronics manufacture and assembly clean rooms, computer rooms, hazardous dust and chemical environments and hospital operating theatres. 


  •  static control - provides an effective passage to earth 
  • hygienic - provides a dense impervious seamless floor surface which is easily cleaned
  • durable - good abrasion resistance
  • aesthetical appearance available in a wide range of colours to enhance the workinge nvironment 
  • chemrcal resistant good resistance to a wide range of chemicals 
  • solvent-free

Top products

Diamond cutting blades for granite stone

Diamond cutting blades for granite stone

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Flexible stone surface for outdoor areas

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LITHURIN hard - hardening layer for concrete surfaces

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MAXI 5000 anti slip flooring

MAXI 5000 is a 4mm epoxy type industrial floor coating

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